Are there any age restrictions for travel nurses?

The great thing about working in the travel nursing field is the fact that there are no specific age restrictions for becoming a travel nurse and there are no restrictions for how long a nurse can work in the field.

As long as you have enough nursing experience and are able to travel you can work as a travel nurse.

When it comes to how young a person can be to work as a travel nurse the fact that it takes most students 2 – 4 years to graduate nursing school not including the time it takes to complete their prerequisites for the nursing program most students who end up becoming travel nurses usually don’t begin travel nursing until their early to mid 20’s.

Travel nurse companies also prefer that travel nurses have at least 2 – 3 years of experience working at a hospital or health care facility before hiring them as travel nurses, although some travel nurse agencies will hire nurses with only 1 year of experience.

On the other end travel nurses have been known to work into their late 40’s and early 50’s, and aren’t restricted by their age.

As long as they are able to travel and work in the health care field they can work as travel nurses.

The pleasure of travel nursing

Travel nursing can be an amazing experience for those who work in the health care profession and have always dreamed of seeing the world.

As a travel nurse you have the ability to fly to some of the most amazing places and work in an area you’ve always been curious about.

In addition to the fun and amazing travel experiences nurses are able to be a part of, travel nurses are also given lots of incentives for their efforts.

Those who choose to travel may receive various perks from their employees such as hotel accommodations, a loaner car or rental reimbursement, 401 k contributions, sign on bonuses and more.

Unlike other fields of nursing where pay is more predictable the salary a travel nurse may earn will vary greatly depending on the assignments they choose, the length of the assignments and how many hours they work, however travel nurses can expect to receive upwards of $30/hour or more for their services.

When you combine the various perks, sign on bonuses and benefits that are available along with the high hourly wages many travel nurses can make most travel nurses feel they are well compensated for their efforts and enjoy the freedom of being able to relocate and help hospitals in need all over the U.S. and various other countries.

In fact many nurses have made travel nursing a long-term career choice and those who have spouses or close relationships with other nurses have enjoyed the chance to choose assignments and travel together.

On the other end those who work in the travel nursing field may have to endure being away from family and friends for extended periods of time and have to adjust to the new environments and working facilities they are placed in.

This can take a toll on those who aren’t used to being away from home and enjoy the safety net of close friends and family, but for others who have a strong desire to travel this can be a great experience to see the world.