How much do travel nurses make?

The amount of money a travel nurse can make in their profession on an annual basis will vary greatly depending on a number of factors such as what types of assignments they choose, the number of hours they work, the benefits and perks they receive from the health care organizations they work for and the cost of living associated with the location they live in.

In terms of hourly wages travel nurses can expect to receive $30 or more per hour of work.

Many of the nurses who work or have worked as travel nurses feel that they have been well compensated for their work from both a financial and travel perspective.

As stated earlier those who work as travel nurses can receive a number of benefits and perks which may include increased wages, travel reimbursement, license reimbursement, paid CEU courses, covered relocation expenses, 401k bonus contributions, top rate medical coverage, permanent relocation options once you complete your assignment.

Two of the most important factors in determining the income potential, benefits and perks a travel nurse may receive has to do with the travel nurse agencies they work with and the assignments they choose to take.

Since no one travel nursing agency can provide travel nurses with all of the job opportunities that are available many travel nurses choose to work with several travel nursing organizations so that they can find the best assignments, locations and perks available to them.

Aside from choosing the right travel nursing agencies to work with many of the benefits and perks available to travel nurses is determined by the health care organizations that hire the travel nurse and what they can afford to give the nurse in terms of pay and benefits.

Some health care organizations may be located in highly desirable locations, but may not be able to offer many of the benefits and/or perks provided by other health care organizations and vice versa, while other health care organizations may be able to offer both a great location with excellent benefits or none of the above.

By carefully interviewing and selecting the right travel nursing agencies to work with most travel nurses should be able to find the types of health care organizations they would most like to work with while also obtaining the types of benefits and perks they desire.

As the economy continues to grow and health care organizations/hospitals continue to lose essential staffing due to a high retirement rate of qualified nurses the travel nursing industry will become an increasingly important asset to organizations that are suffering from the nursing shortage, and those who work as travel nurses will see more job opportunities becoming available to them over the next decade as a result, which will most likely result in better pay and increased benefits/perks.